Category of Registration

St Mary’s Mount is a care home, which provides personal care without nursing.

Female and male.
People who suffer from dementia including Alzheimer's disease (14 places are available).
People who have an existing congenital disability or who have suffered an accident, disease or illness, which has impaired their physical functioning.
Respite care is available for any period of time to suit the needs of the residents and relatives. This may be short as a weekend or as long as the family/resident needs for their purposes.
The community nurses call in when required readily provide nursing care, to complement the services provided in this Home which is not Nursing but one that provides Personal Care.
The Home accepts emergency placements and there is a policy to reflect this. After an emergency placement has taken place, there will be a full review on the needs of the new resident so that we can evaluate if the Home can fully meet their needs.
Day care is provided.

Dementia Care Objectives
A Meaningful Life

Dementia may cause a person living in a residential home to behave in ways that are bewildering and upsetting, both to themselves, to others and to those caring for them. St Mary's Mount follows the principles of person-centred care. Person-centered care aims to see each person as an individual, rather than focusing on their illness and on abilities they may have lost. Instead of treating the person as a collection of symptoms and behaviors to be controlled, person-centred care takes into account each individual's unique qualities, abilities, preferences and needs. Our aim is to bring out the best in the people with dementia who live at St Mary's Mount. Staff will encourage and maintain the unique strengths of the person while meeting his or her needs for support.

People with dementia have the right to expect those caring for them to try to understand how they feel and to make time to offer support. Staff will spend time talking and getting to know each resident. Awareness of the person's unique life story helps staff to understand and communicate more effectively and develop more responsive individual care plans.

At St Mary's Mount, staff use a number of approaches to get to know residents, Reminiscence activity, getting to know the personal biographical history of a resident, helps in maintaining identity as well as allowing new relationships to develop. One member of staff will have particular responsibility for each resident and a clear idea of that person's life history, habits and interests.

People don't lose their right to take part in decisions about their lives because they have moved into a care home or because they have dementia. They will be included in plans and decisions about their care and support and be able to make choices wherever possible. Whether it is choosing food, clothes or activities, their likes and dislikes will be fully taken into account. If the person with dementia can do particular things for themselves, they will be encouraged to continue to do so.

Care staff have a sensitive approach to helping people with dementia maintain a good level of personal care and ensuring they get enough to eat and drink. We offer a wide range of carefully considered activities and people with dementia will be encouraged to take part in these, if they so choose. All residents are encouraged to maintain relationships with people outside the care home.

Staff at all levels receive training in how to care for people with dementia. This will enable them to understand the difficulties in communication that people face and help residents with dementia express their wishes and needs.